How You Can Help

Are you inspired to help but don't know how? This page will help!

Because we are an all-volunteer organization, our Fundraising and Management and General Expenses are very small.  In 2009, our Program expenses were over 96.5% of our total expenses, so more of your donations go to help the babies.  Please see our 2009 I-990 form online if you want the financial details. Please note that the vast majority of the donations and assets are in the form of fabric and finished goods.

There are 3 main ways of helping Bundles Of Love - please do what you can to help the needy babies and their families.

We always need people to do the work - from volunteering at a work group, helping with one-time events, fund-raising, delivering bundles, leading groups, presenting at events, and everything in between. If you have any free time at all, we can help use it up! You don't need to know how to knit or sew - after all, I'm a computer guy and do the web work. Other days I just lug stuff around or help set up for events. Other people sit in front of their TVs or on a bus on the way to work and knit or crochet. Thousands of hours are contributed every month by volunteers and all of them are important.

You can donate money or supplies - it costs us about $25 to produce a single bundle and we produce about 200 every month in addition to all of the single items we deliver. Some of the supplies are donated but we need real cash to pay for rent and buy non-donated supplies and equipment. We don't pay any staff - all of our hours are donated. We have several different ways you can help here.

You can also get other people to send us money and this is easier than it may seem! There are several programs that we've set up that get companies to send us money. With the Scrip program, you can purchase gift cards for things like gas and groceries (and a lot of other stuff) and when you do, the companies will send Bundles Of Love a percentage of the card value. With the iGive program, just do your normal online shopping and you might even be able to get the tax break!  Lastly, you can use Goodsearch as your search engine when doing your online searches, and Bundles Of Love will get a donation for every search. Of course, working on fund-raising also falls into this category - it takes a lot of money to keep us going and we always need people to help here.

Lastly, many employers encourage their staff to donate to United Way through payroll deduction, and many also will match donations. When making your donation, please write "Bundles Of Love" in the note field on your check and the money will be directed to us! Please select from one of the items below for more details on how you can help.

  1. Donate time
  2. Donate money or supplies
  3. Get other people to send money to Bundles Of Love

Please do what you can to help. Feel good about helping the babies and your community.