Crib Sheets Pattern

Crib sheets are very easy to sew, and less expensive than purchased sheets.

Recommended Fabrics:

Cotton or cotton-blend woven fabric, or flannel


  1. To begin, cut a rectangle of fabric 70" x 45".
  2. Cut out a square at each corner that is 8 and 3/4". (You can save these to make quilt blocks which coordinate with the sheet).
  3. Match up the 2 sides of each cut out square - right sides together - and stitch. This makes the fitted corners.

You can finish the sheet edge in several different ways :

  1. Turn under the edge 1/4 ", then another 1/2" to make a casing, leaving an opening to insert the elastic. Cut a 90" piece of 3/8" elastic, insert into the casing, stitch the ends of the elastic together, and sew the opening closed.
  2. Overcast the edges all the way around with a serger. Sew the elastic on the wrong side with the edge of the elastic even with the edge of the fabric. Stretch the elastic as you sew it on.
  3. Hem the entire sheet, then use elastic only at the corners. Cut four lengths of elastic 15" long. Stretch from the corner seam 12" in each direction and sew on using a zig-zag or 3-step zig-zag.

All done! To make it extra special, make a coordinating crib quilt.