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It costs us about $40 to produce a single bundle. We produce hundreds every month in addition to all of the single items we deliver. Some of the supplies are donated but we need real cash to pay for work group space, purchase of fabric and baby care items (when in-kind donations do not meet the demand for production), supplies and maintenance of equipment. We don’t pay any staff – all of our hours are donated. If you wish to make a monetary donation, you can send us a check to:

Bundles of Love Charity
P.O. Box 240301
Apple Valley MN 55124

You can also donate now via PayPal by clicking the DONATE button above. Please consider adding an additional amount to help us cover PayPal fees.

Utilize Amazon Smile

When purchasing items from Amazon, use Amazon Smile and select Bundles of Love Charity.

iGive -- is this still valid?

With the iGive program, just do your normal online shopping and you might even be able to get the tax break!

goodsearch -- is this still valid?

You can use goodsearch as your search engine when doing your online searches, and Bundles Of Love Charity will get a donation for every search.


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